EnoVision Patient Video System (P.V.S.™) Savvy & Innovative Media Technology Revolutionizing Patient Comfort & Experience

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Eliminate Fear
Erase Anxiety
Defeat Stress
⊕ Remove two main sensory components during
Root Canals
Teeth Whitening
Routine Cleanings
Cosmetic Procedures
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Diminish Boredom
Resolve Distress
Alleviate Discomfort
⊕ Decrease patient pain awareness during
Laser Therapies
Chelation/I.V. Treatments
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Enhance Wellness
Elevate Comfort
Increase Education
⊕ Advance & improve hospital experience during
ER Proceedings
Out-Patient Procedures
Extended Waiting Times
Patient Education Programs
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  • How does it work?
Our Patient Video System consists of innovative video glasses that enable patients to connect to a centralized media platform containing movies, documentaries, patient education, custom media and more
  • What are the benefits?
  • Enhance the wellness and comfort of patients through media entertainment
  • Greatly reduce anxiety levels by eliminating the two main sensory components, sight and sound
  • Innovative design.
    • Easy to clean
    • Wire-free mobile and transportable
  • Reduce stress, depression and boredom
  • Educate your patients through the use of our central media library

  • How does the media work?
Our Patient Video System is designed to directly connect to our online media portal. Through several partnerships, Enovadent is able to provide our clients a large library of media. It being movies, shows or documentaries, the media portal delivers endless options to choose from.
  • What type of content can i find?
  • Movies
  • Shows
  • Documentaries
  • Custom Channels
  • Games
  • Music
  • Educational Content
  • and much more...

What are your most Frequently Asked Questions?

  • We've used virtual glasses before, how are yours any different?

Unlike similar products on the market, EnoVision P.V.S.™ uniquely carries the following advantages:

  • A compact, wireless design that will not interfere with procedures
  • Up to date online media content that eliminates the need to purchase new DVD's and other system add ons

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  • What do I get with the purchase of my new EnoVision P.V.S.™?
  1. The EnoVision Virtual Glasses
  2. Wireless Media Box connecting to thousands of movies, documentaries, music, and T.V. shows
  3. Attached Earphones
  4. Cleaning Cloth
  5. Removable Rubber Eye Covers
  6. 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty (Extended Available)

More Details
  • How do I keep the EnoVision P.V.S.™ sanitized?

The EnoVision P.V.S.™ is simple to clean using the cloth provided and is compatible with all medical grade sanitizing formulas found in dental offices, medical clinics & hospitals. Our clients also have the option of purchasing additional rubber eye covers as well as disposable earphones if they so choose. Color options are either black or white, both offering a sleek and professional look.  

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  • Does the EnoVision P.V.S.™ get in the way of procedures?

The EnoVision P.V.S.™ is specifically designed to stay out of the way of any and all procedures while entertaining your patients with the latest media content, newest movies, documentaries, T.V. shows and music. Its ergonomic composition has been tested by both dentists and doctors alike resulting in consistently tremendous reviews.

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EnoVision P.V.S.™ Highlights

The following are the awesome patient benefits of the P.V.S.™... 

  • Watch the newest movies
  • Catch the latest T.V. shows
  • Connect to their I-Phone or I-Pod
  • Discover documentaries & breaking news
  • Listen to their favorite music
  • Learn from patient education software

What Are Our Clients Saying?

There is no reason why every dentist is not using the awesome EnoVision P.V.S.™ in their clinics. The response from the patients has been tremendous. Patients who used to be anxious about dental work are now eager to use the EnoVision P.V.S.™ during their visit. They are also great for the clinician because they're not a distraction, so you and your team can concentrate on your task. The word of mouth referrals that the EnoVision P.V.S.™ has generated have more than paid for the investment. I highly recommend them so your elated patients can be as happy as mine! 

- Dr. Steven Da Costa, Ottawa ON